Illuminance Labs builds practical, workable business applications for medium sized organisations, with a focus on highly regulated and high risk industries such as the not for profit, financial services and healthcare sectors.

The benefits of working with Illuminance

Our team of fully qualified business analysts and developers create apps and automate business processes to streamline your operations and make them more efficient. Our expertise frees businesses from cumbersome legacy on-premises applications by replacing them with serverless web apps which sit on multi-cloud platforms.

In addition to our bespoke service, Illuminance Labs also identifies opportunities to software as a service (SaaS) solutions that match the requirements of more than one customer. We have built and currently sell as a service two major platforms:

  • Govern – designed for the IT industry; and
  • BrokerDocs – serving the insurance broking industry.

Whatever your business requirements, Illuminance Labs has the capability to provide crystal clear data clarity and a sure way forward.

Our Approach

Here at Illuminance Labs, our approach to app development is security first, cloud first. Stability is inherent in all our platforms; everything we create is designed to remain safe and secure, reliable and robust, giving you confidence that your data is in the best of hands.

Better Value - For Everyone

Illuminance Labs believes in finding ways for multiple customers to benefit from our expertise.

Workshop with us

We’ll help you identify your challenges, pinpoint your requirements and devise a strategy that will take your business further.

Our Products

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As a young technology company that was growing quickly they tried different CRM Platforms, experimented with different ticketing platforms and RMM products, hell they even went and dropped tens of thousands of dollars on one of the industry’s most widely known PSA/RMM suites. As the failures and costs mounted and largely we became less efficient at service delivery with each iteration our Group CEO made the call.

We all remember the meeting where he said “To hell with it, it cannot seriously be that hard to integrate best of breed platforms to deliver a far better outcome for our customers.” Little did we know that it was at that meeting in July of 2019 that the first glimmer began to dance across the Illuminance Labs Story – and so Govern was born.

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BrokerDocs delivers you a multi-user, legislative compliant, policy, document management and customer relationship management platform. Track your renewals, follow up insurers and record your customer interactions all from your existing computer without installing a single application or purchasing a single server.

BrokerDocs runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) across multiple Australia data centres to ensure your data is always safe and secure. We’ve designed a secure, infinitely scalable, highly available platform to ensure that even in the event of a major catastrophe you’ll never suffer from the outages that you experience with competing solutions.

Try BrokerDocs for yourself, click sign up for your free trial:

Our Team

Our deliberate strategy to have a strong presence in both hemispheres allows our customers to get in touch 24/7/365, ensuring their business has the best possible access to our outstanding range of skills and exemplary service.

Allan Dall
Is an experienced businessman who understands the positive impact a robust, reliable, scalable platform combined with data clarity will have on your business.
Andrew Chung
Beginning his working life with a major ISP when he was just 14, IT expert Andrew Chung has excelled in creating critical network solutions for more than 20 years.

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If you have a legacy application that needs transformation to bring your data together and move your business forward, Illuminance Labs is ready to listen.

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